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I Am -Exodus 3:14
I am Called (Ex 3-4)
I am Rescued (Ex 12)
I am Commanded (Ex 19-20)
I am Unveiled (Ex 33-34)
I am Sent (Joshua 1)
Camps Held in 2014
Registered Week Dates Dean(s)
131 Senior High (grades 9-12) June 1-6 Joel Mitchell
Brett Winder
Garrett Hawk
90 Junior High (grades 7-8) June 8-13 Rich Atkins
Chris Hoblitzel
Rick Randleman
132 Junior (grades 5-6) June 15-20 Jason Carman
Jack Langley
Nick Terry
56 Day Camp (grades 1-2) June 14 Rick Randleman
Jessica Young
130 First Chance (grades 3-4) June 22-24 Kent Klundt
Jessica Young

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